Kingfisher by Alan Marshall


Kingfisher by Alan Marshall is the first of a new NATURE ICONS series of small-format wildlife books.

In this 150mm x 150mm volume, 47 UK-based artists provide their visual interpretations of one of Britain’s most popular and most colourful birds.

Paintings, original prints and 3D artwork are included in the 168 pages, along with artist observations of the bird and the images they have produced. More than 100 paintings, original prints and sculptures are featured, plus an introduction describing the species, its habits, habitat and conservation status.

Much of the artwork included in Kingfisher by Alan Marshall is newly produced and hasn’t been seen in book-form before now.

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Surprisingly tricky to spot, the kingfisher spends most of its time sitting quietly on a perch, burnt orange breast on show, but on the move the kingfisher is transformed. A shock of blue plunging into the water to spear a fish, or disappearing round the river bend in a burst of ‘peep-peep-peep’s.

Many people are surprised by how small a kingfisher is when they first see one: only slightly bigger than a house sparrow. If you’re lucky enough to get a closer view, pay attention to that dagger-like bill. The male is all black whereas the female wears red lipstick on her lower mandible.

Click here to visit the Wildlife Trust for more information about Kingfishers

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